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Louvered Roofs * Retractable: Awnings, Roofs, Canopies, Solar Screens * Roll Shutters

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Insulating & Energy Efficient


Installed on the outside of windows, Talius Roll shutters are innovative, energy efficient products proven to enhance the quality of your indoor environment by improving the thermal comfort conditions and reducing the risk of moisture condensation on window interior surfaces.

  • Enhance the quality of your indoor environment
  • Reduce your environmental carbon footprint
  • Reduce the risk of moisture condensation on your windows
  • Save money on expensive heating and cooling costs

Talius Roll shutters also protect the outdoor environment by reducing the environmental carbon footprint of your home and your dependency on non-renewable energy sources.

The Perfect Energy Saving Product for All Seasons

Talius roll shutters are an effective means to reduce solar overheating in summer and heat losses through windows in winter. Installed on the outside of your windows, rollshutters are insulated to absorb heat and cold, and will reduce your costly energy bills. Easily operated from the inside of the home and completely retractable, roll shutters are the informed choice for experiencing your home in style while reducing your environmental carbon footprint.

According to a recent study by the National Research Council of Canada (NRCAN), when used with conventional windows of old houses, rollshutters may reduce the window's U-factor by up to 40%.

When closed during the winter, roll shutters significantly reduce the risk of moisture condensation on the interior surfaces of both conventional and high performance windows.

In the summer, Talius roll shutters can combat inefficiency by stopping the heat and glare of the sun before it reaches the windows, thereby significantly reducing solar heat gain to keep you cool and comfortable and reduce expensive air conditioning costs. Roll shutters reduce the daily energy use of air conditioning units by about 45% compared to homes without roll shutters (NRCAN, 2009)


Diagram of Rollshutter mounted on outside of window, demonstrating their energy efficiency

Rollshutters reduce the risk of moisture condensation on interior window surfaces during the night during winter by keeping interior glass surfaces 40 Celsius wamer than homes without rollshutters (NRCAN, 2009).

The Facts About Exterior Solar Shading

Talius Roll shutters were selected by the National Research Council of Canada for a comprehensive study on the energy efficiency of exterior solar shading versus interior solar shading. The study concluded that Talius products are the most efficient at reducing heating and cooling energy use, the on-peak cooling power demand, and the moisture condensation on the interior surfaces of windows in your home.

Some Canadian National Research Council (NRCAN) Facts You Should Know