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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of this page is to facilitate a better general understanding of our shade products as a whole. It does not alter the specific content of the agreement or warranty. We have many different models and designs and specific features of specific models or designs could be different.

How big can you make the patio awnings?

A professionally installed Estate awning can be as wide as 41 ft. Our patio awnings extend up to 13 feet 1 inch and custom built awnings can project 17 feet away from the house.

What options are available?

Our awnings come with a variety of awning options and features. Your best source of information is your local awning dealer.

How effective are the awnings at providing shade?

Awnings block 99% of the harmful UV rays. They significantly improve the comfort of your patio or deck

What is the effect of awnings on my utility bills?

Awnings will significantly reduce cooling costs. In addition, the benefit of retractable awnings is that you can allow the winter sun into your home for extra warmth.

Will solar shades save money?

They pay for themselves year after year in reduced energy costs and protect you furnishings from harmful UV rays that may cause fading.

Can the awnings be used in the rain?

Awnings are primarily a sun shade, not a rain cover. As such, the fabric is designed to “breathe” so you don’t swelter under your awning. Our Teflon® coating helps repel moisture, but they are highly water repellent, but not waterproof awnings. Retractable awnings can function in light rain under the supervision, for short periods, depending on the pitch of the awning, as long as no pooling occurs the fabric should not become saturated and heavy since it does not absorb water. A steeper pitch increases the tolerance of rain. Pitch can be adjusted to preference, even after installation. An awning with little or zero slope is perfectly fine as long as it has no rain exposure since water may accumulate after it gets wet and sags a little. No retractable awning should be exposed to heavy rain or a combination of rain and wind. Keeping the awning extended during rain may cause water to accumulate on the fabric and could cause the awning to collapse.

Can the awnings handle wind and stormy weather?

About as well as a toddler can handle a visit to the dentist – rather not at all, but if it really must, then with caution and under close adult supervision. OK seriously, they can withstand light winds, but when it gets uncomfortable for your guests, rather move indoors and retract the awning. No awning should be exposed to strong wind or gusts, so never leave it out unsupervised when there is a chance of sudden changes in weather.

Can I install the awning myself?

We recommend professional installation for your awnings to achieve the best use and operation and not void your guarantee through faulty installation.

Can we adjust the pitch of the awning?

The pitch of the awning can easily be adjusted, even after installation.

What is the minimum height requirement for mounting an awning?

We advise approximately 8 ft in order to still have some head room at the lower end and a little slope. Awnings mounted this low will still function fine in good weather, but will have very little tolerance for rain since water may pond on the awning. Awnings can be mounted on your roof or soffit if there is insufficient height on the wall. This is ultimately a matter of client preference.

When is the awning fully open?

It is normal for a fully open awning to have arms that are not straight and some additional fabric still wound around the roller tube at the wall. Do not force it further open. If you do the fabric will slacken and then roll in towards the bottom of the roller tube in stead of the top, potentially trapping leaves and debris. Fully straight arms may also lock if you attempt to retract the awning and there is no initial angle at the elbow.

What if I get tired of the color?

Awning fabric replacement is simple. One of our professional awning installers can easily replace your awning fabric to new! With replacement awning fabric its possible to breathe a new look into an existing awning.

How does the automatic sun detector and wind detector work?

State of the art electronic sensors extend your awning automatically when the sun comes out and retract it at night. The wind sensor retracts your awning automatically and the sensitivity can easily be set to your preference. The wind sensor overrides the sun detector for damage protection.

How do we block the sun at low angles?

The Vario-Valance is a great addition to protect you from the glare of low setting sun, and provide privacy as well.

What kind of material do you use for the fabric?

Aristocrat awnings come in your choice of beautiful, solution dyed acrylic fabrics. Unlike old fashioned canvas awnings, acrylic dyed fabrics will not mildew or rot. There are more than 200 choices, in solids, stripes and tweeds, and all fabrics are covered by a 12 year manufacturer’s warranty. Our fabrics are Teflon® coated help repel dirt and water without diminishing air permeability.

What is solution dyed acrylic?

Acrylic is a synthetic or manufactured fiber that is both soft and lightweight. It resists rot, discoloration and mildew, dries easily and retains its shape and texture. A solution dyed acrylic yarn is a yarn where the color has been added into the polymer before it is extruded into a yarn form. Because the color is part of the polymer, the fade resistance of a solution dyed yarn is superior to the fade resistance of package dyed yarn and piece dyed fabric. The solution dyed acrylic fabrics used in Aristocrat awnings have been especially chosen for their ability to resist fading and retain fabric strength.

What causes “dimples” in the awning?

Dimpling is a natural occurrence with products that use a roller tube. The hems and seams are tighter than the single layer panels. This sometimes causes dimpling next to the seams, hems, or the center of the fabric panel. This dimpling is natural to acrylic fibers and does not affect the quality or durability.

How do I keep my awning fabric clean?

If you want to keep the fabric looking fresh, the fabric can be spot cleaned before substances such as dirt, bird droppings or residue from your roof are permitted to accumulate and become embedded in the fabric. For more about caring for your awning fabric, please go to Fabric Care.

How can I remove a stain on my awning?

Clean stains immediately with soap and water suing a soft brush or cloth. For more information, please go to Awning Maintenance.

Why don’t the elbows of my retractable awning straighten out when the awning is open?

The lateral arms will be flexed, but locked, at the elbow when fully extended. This is a normal part of the frame design. They will never fully straighten out. Trying to do so will damage the awning.

Should I oil the moving parts?

The aluminum components have a durable finish and the joints are self-lubricating. Aristocrat awnings are designed so that maintenance is not normally required. However, it is a good idea to hose off the framework and wipe it with a soft cloth at the start of the outdoor season. If you wish, you can lubricate the moving parts yearly with a dry silicone spray to maintain optimal, quiet operation. If unusual creaking occurs when operating, try lubrication before calling your dealer. The most prevalent place where an awning can benefit from lubrication is at the end of the roller tube, on the side opposite the motor or gear. A bit of spray lubricant on the axle bushing at this point eliminates almost all squeaking noises. Be sure to keep the spray away from the fabric.

I was told to keep my awning plugged in, even during the winter. Why?

When you unplug your awning for an extended period of time, you will lose the programmed settings for automatic stop and the awning will have to be readjusted.

How do I store the awning for winter?

Retract the awning or canopy for winter. If your awning has a hanging valance, remove it by sliding it out from the front bar. Put it is a well ventilated dry area where it won’t be bothered by squirrels or mice. Don’t store it in a plastic bag, as this will trap moisture and could produce mildew.

How can I keep birds from nesting in the awning?

Choose an awning with a hood and tray – or a Manor® style awning with a completely closed cassette feature.

What should I do if the motor isn’t working?

First check with another small electrical appliance if there is power at the outlet. The breaker could have tripped and can just be reset. If it powers a small appliance, proceed to test if the motor will work receiving power from an outlet from a totally different part of your house, by connecting it through an extension cord. If all of these tests fail we can proceed to assume that the problem is not power supply and check on the motor and/or the remote control. Rebooting the motor and replacing the battery of the remote control are the next obvious steps.

Shade products come with a variety of motors, and you should refer first to the operating instructions that came with your awning, canopy or shade. Visit the awning manufacturer’s website for trouble shooting instructions.

Avoid thermal overload in the motor – which will result from repetitive use which can often occur during trouble shooting efforts. The motor will disable itself for a 15-20 minute cooling period rather than allow itself to be damaged by excessive heat. This is a designed-in safety feature. Children should not be allowed to play with the remote control or the awning operating switch.

How do I reboot a motor?

This is a simple “fix all” procedure similar to the reboot of a computer.

How do I replace the battery for the remote control ?

You can order a battery (Lithium CR 2430) online or get one from any electronics store.

How to I replace the bulb in my light bar?

Unplug all power to the light bar, switch off the main circuit breaker, and let the bulb cool. Using a screwdriver, loosen and remove all screw securing the end cap and plant on the front bar of the awning. Remove the end cap and plate. This will give you access to the light bar protective lens cover. Remove it, by pulling and sliding the lens cover out of the front bar track and set aside. This will expose the bulbs. Remove the old light but by rotating 90 degrees and gently pull outward. Insert the replacement bulb and rotate it 90 degrees to lock into place. Re-attach the end cap and plate with screws and tighten until snug. See the informational packet that was included with your awning paper work for more detailed instructions.

Can I order matching awnings for my windows?

There are a variety of retractable and stationary awnings and canopies for windows, doors, porches and balconies. Contact your dealer for more information.

Where can I find replacement bulbs for my light bar?

Any lighting store or “big box” retailer that carries light bulbs should have standard T-5 fluorecent bulbs.

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