Absolute Awnings

Promo’s & Finance

Promo’s & Finance

Our straightforward sales approach does not allow for any sales gimmicks:

  • No – Coupons & Rebates
  • No – High pressure deadlines – Any factory controlled price increases will be announced weeks in advance
  • No – Discounted prices for trade professionals nor certain sections of the population
  • No – Discount for cash or creative payment suggestions
  • No – Inflated quotes for insurance claims
  • No – Pressure to upsell since we have fixed sales commission per appointment.
  • No – Ability for salesman to manipulate, since we do prior price disclosure on multiple relevant sizes.


We are an authorized dealer with Foundation Finance Company and you can be approved by them in about 3 minutes over the phone, in real time.

Any one can co-sign for you to facilitate the financing. They do not have to be a family member nor reside at the same address.

We do accept all credit cards.

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