Louvered Roofs * Retractable: Awnings, Roofs, Canopies, Solar Screens * Roll Shutters

What Sets Us Apart

We simply provide top quality products and excellent service at mid-range prices in an efficient manner.

We give a close approximation of our prices over the phone after receiving your rough dimensions prior to an appointment.

Our on-site salesmen re-measure and will present a basic unit and will not push optional features unless you ask.

Our prices are real and firm. So no fooling around just to get in the door for high pressure selling.

We love our business and will pursue creative solutions that portrays excellence.

Our straight forward sales approach does not allow for any sales gimmicks

  • No Coupons & Rebates
  • No High pressure deadlines – Any factory controlled price increases will be announced weeks in advance
  • No Discounted prices for trade professionals nor certain sections of the population
  • No Discount for cash or creative payment suggestions
  • No Inflated quotes for insurance claims
  • No Pressure to upsell, since we have fixed sales commission per appointment
  • No Ability for salesman to manipulate, since we do prior price disclosure on multiple relevant sizes

Below is our current range of high-quality products with manufacturers warranties from industry leaders. We can customize both size and features. We only used a common 20 ft width to facilitate an easy comparison. All prices include product, installation, and taxes and are realistic but can vary somewhat in different cities or site-specific circumstances.

Retractable Patio Awning

Can handle light rain and wind.

Standard Size
Width x Projection
Manually OperatedOptional Motor &
Remote Control
15′ x 10′ 2″$3,036$500
20′ x 10′ 2″$3,922$500
20′ x 11′ 6″$5,254$500
20′ x 13′ 1″$5,724$500
20′ x 14′ 9″$10,066$500
20′ x 16′ 5″$10,208$500

Retractable Vertical Shade

Can handle substantial rain and wind.

(For multiple units, prices can reduce by as much as $300 per unit.)

Standard Size
Width x Height
Base Model
Vertical Shade
Optional Motor &
Remote Control
6′ x 6′$1,398$500
10′ x 8′$1,648$500
14′ x 10′$1,958$500
16′ x 12′$2,296$500

Retractable Canopy With Cable Guides

Great for large areas, can handle stormy conditions, but will not keep you dry.

Standard Size
Width x Projection
All Inclusive
20′ x 20′$8,500Standard fabric,
blocks 65%
20′ x 20′$9,700Premium fabric,
blocks 92.5% – 100%

Free Standing Retractable Canopy

Can handle heavy rain and gusty wind.

Standard Size
Width x Projection
Manual UnitOptional Motor &
Remote Control
20′ x 13′$13,430$500
20′ x 17′$16,112$500
18′ x 14′$10,260$500
23′ x 18′$18,136$500

Retractable Pergola Roof

Only come as motorized. Can handle heavy rain and strong wind with controlled release into gutters and downspouts.

Standard Size
Width x Projection
Optional Zipper Screen
12′ x 10′$11,000$12,000$3,100
12′ x 14′$13,400$14,700$3,100
14′ x 12′$14,200$15,500$3,400
20′ x 13′$21,000$22,500$6,200
12′ x 17′$24,000$25,500$6,200

Louvered Roof

Approved for both hurricane building codes and snow loads.

Standard Size
Width x Projection
Only Come as Motorized
20′ x 12′$25,000
20′ x 14′$28,000

Sail Shade

Can handle heavy rain and gusty wind. Typically only taken down for hurricanes or severe snow.

Includes a hoisting mechanism that will facilitate ladderless installation, takedown and quick lowering of any corner in order to remove debris from the top.

Length of Sides (ft)# of PointsProduct PriceInstall
Per PostTotal
16′ x 16′ x 10′3$800$900$700 ea$3,800
20′ x 20′ x 20′ x 20′4$2000$1200$700 ea$6,000

Retractable Sail

Can handle heavy rain and gusty wind.

Includes: 3 syncronized Somfy-motors, App control & wind sensor, protective cover.

Area of CoveragePrice
20′ x 16′$29,000

Ultra-Size Umbrella

This ultra-sized umbrella can withstand 35 – 50 mph wind tolerance when open.

Adjoining units have gutters for continuous coverage.

Standard Size
Width x Projection
Price Includes Installation,
Mounting Pedestal/Concrete Insert
14′ 10″
diameter round
$6,00035 mph wind
tolerance when open
20′ 10″
diameter round
$7,00035 mph wind tolerance when open
19′ 7″ x 14′ 9″
$17,00050 mph wind tolerance when open