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Retractable Sails

Custom Design

Every Retractable Sail is cut to your exact custom requirements, handcrafted and assembled in Germany, into a highly durable and aesthetically pleasing system.

Our arching sails, create a unique sense of spaciousness. The key to this feature is the use of special, handcrafted battens enclosed in the fabric. In the furled sail, these battens are pressed flat against the winding shaft.

When the motor unfurles the sail, it automatically arch upwards, forming a spacious fabric dome that creates an unparalleled atmosphere of comfort and well-being. A truly one-of-a-kind quality.

Customers can choose from our three product lines: Elipse, Square & Trapesium. The fabric for the shade sail is cut precisely to the specified dimensions and then handcrafted and assembled into a complete and highly durable system. The unique expertise of our employees, made-to-order work processes and top-of-the-line materials guarantee many years of excellent performance and outstanding quality.

The Ellipse shape, with its curved edges between the ribbing, has a soft, organic look – and only requires a single mast.

The Square is the simplest way to achieve full coverage and combine multiple systems.

The Trapezium creates an attractive contrast and combines qualities of the Elipse and the Square.

In addition to our three product lines, we create completely bespoke solutions for any application. Aimed at providing maximum individuality.

High wind tolerance & fully automated

A specially developed pulley system in the mast provides reliable wind-pressure relief. Excessive wind pressure is counterbalanced by either internal weights or a highly visible, decorative granite ball. Special, high-quality components, such as free-gliding pulleys, guarantee that the complex mechanism will operate without un-pleasant noises, even in gusting wind. In extremely windy weather, the sail senses when it’s time to »fold«, furling away fully automatically.

Design, Management & Installation Service

We would also be happy to take responsibility for the management of your project – from the planning and design in line with the overall architectural concept to the production, logistics and professional on-site installation. Because we also provide the same high level of quality in our services, you can look forward to a solution that is not only the most attractive, but also simply the best.