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Ultra-Size Umbrellas

Absolute Awnings is proud to be an authorized dealer of Bahama Umbrellas, the most durable, elegant, ultra-sized umbrellas in the world.


Founded in 1950 today Bahama designs and manufactures a great variety of high-quality large-size parasols and sun sails. National and International customers alike trust in our industrial technology and accurate workmanship. The premium products from Bahama characteristically stand for technical attributes like compactness, durability and wind stability but also for aesthetical features like beautiful designs and materials.

»100% Made in Germany« – our full range production facility manufactures all parts in house. Bahama further processes sustainable and environmentally friendly materials according to the OEKO-TEX 100 standard, Class 1. The combination of high-quality materials and the structural features allows Bahama to guarantee wind stability for its products, depending on the model, of up to 80 MpH.

Jumbrella XL

When shading coverage is critical to the project 16’ to 23’. XL can withstand the highest wind loads (up to 69mph) and is equipped to hold all available accessories (Lighting, Heaters, Audio, Linking & TV)

    • All structural elements are powder coated extruded and casted aluminum: unlike plastic, metal components will perform well in all environments.
    • Two standard powder coating colors: white or anthracite grey. Custom colors also available to match any furniture or design scheme
    • All component parts are Marine Grade V4A Stainless Steel: complete Maritime system, for zero corrosion even in harshest of environments
    • Customizable & versatile: integrates with existing architecture, compliments brick, stucco, fiberglass, wood & fascia.
    • Extreme Wind Loads while open: XL system – 50 to 70 MpH while OPEN. Unlimited when closed and wrapped. Allows for year round-use.
    • Membrane fabric Proprietary Betex 05:
      • 100% Polyester with Acrylate Finish
      • High UV & Color Lightfastness
      • High Temperature Resistant
      • 100% Water Proof
      • High Tensile & Pressure Strength
      • High Friction Resistance
    • Servo Assisted Opening & Closing Mechanism: weightless counter weighted fail proof system. no gears, pulleys or cables to wear out or break over time.
      • Please click on our copy this link into your browser. The video is from a trade show showcase from 2010 showing the opening/closing operation on our large XL systems
  • 100% Component parts which are replaceable, including canvas.
  • Built-In Accessories (optional):
    • LED Standard Light Bulbs: single color
    • LED Light strips (up-lighting): offering color variances and dimming options. can remain steady or cycle through a number of different colors for mood setting.
    • Infra-Red Heating: 4 Built-In heaters, remotes controlled from 0 – 100% power. Can be left in the system while opening and closing.
    • Dual TV Connection: built-in TV systems for full outdoor entertaining and sporting events
    • Connection Guttering (Linking): creating complete roof structure with zero gaps in between square or rectangular systems
    • Wifi Enabled to extend coverage
    • USB and 120 Volt Outlets: device power charging station
    • Customized Logo Printing
    • Built-in Audio speakers
  • Installation Options:
    • Semi-permanent in-ground footing: recommended
    • Surface mounting: recommended
    • Portable stand or plate: more suitable for smaller systems